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Drugs Workshop



29-30 November 2012

Sapienza University of Rome - Section of History of Medicine,

Viale dell’Università 34/a, 00185 Rome


Supported by the European Science Foundation - Drugs Research Networking Programme (www.drugshistory.eu)


29 November

9 – 9.15: Welcome
9.15 – 9.45: Introduction (Mauro Capocci)

9.45 –10.30 Robert Bud (Science Museum, UK)

Between Porton and Prague: what circulated in an age of biological warfare management?

Session 1: Before and after the iron curtain: the construction of the East through pharmaceuticals

Chair: Daniele Cozzoli (UPF, Spain)

11.00 –11.45 Slawomyr Lotysz (University of Zielona Gora, Poland)

Penicillin production and policy in post-WWII Poland.

11.45 –12.30 Agata Ignaciuk (University of Grenada, Spain)

The circulation of oral contraceptives in the Polish 1960s and 1970s.

Session 2: Cold War and May 1968: drugs and addiction/abuse

Chair: Gilberto Corbellini

14.00 –14.45 Magaly Tornay (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Political substances. Psychotropic drugs and the health care consumer in Cold War Europe.

14.45 –15.30 Alexandre Marchant (ENS, France) Controlling the dark side of the drugs revolution: political management of drug abuse in France (1960s-1980s)

Session 3: Regulation

Chair: Mauro Capocci (Sapienza – University of Rome, Italy)

16.00 –16.45 Maria-Jesus Santesmases (CSIC, Spain)

Antibiotics, the post-Spanish civil war and post-WWII and the black market

16.45 –17.30 Anne-Kveim Lie (University of Oslo)

The use of drugs have their origin in primitive and magic ideas”: Drug regulation in the Scandinavian welfare state 1938-1964

30 November

Session 4: Drug manufacturing in Southern Europe

Chair: Maria-Jesus Santesmases (CSIC, Spain)

9.30 –10.15 Daniele Cozzoli (UPF, Spain)

The Danish organization of Antibiotics production in Italy, France and Spain. The case of Lovens Kemiske Fabrik (1947 – 1958)

10.15 –11.00 Francesco Taroni (University of Bologna, Italy) Motives and after-effects of the non-decision of producing penicillin in Italy

11.00 –11.45 Sophie Chaveau (University of Lyon)

The French paradox? National policy of drugs and foreign stakeholders

11.45 –13.00 Final Discussion

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